Community Cupboardof Woodland Park, Inc.

"Offering a hand up, one person at a Time"
                                                                  -story continued

"You know that feeling of an empty stomach? Maybe you didn't have time for breakfast, you had to attend a meeting that was book at lunch, or you didn't have time to go grocery shopping and there is not enough food in the cupboard to make a full meal.

The feeling of running on empty is too often a reality for so many in our community that do not always know where their next meal is coming from.  Without adequate nutritious food, people, especially ---  children --- don't have the energy to focus, learn grow, and thrive.  We need to make sure that no child, adult, or senior in Teller County every runs on empty!

Join us and our "Fighting Hunger" network of food banks across this state and raise YOUR voice around the issue of hunger during the year.  The easiest way to get involved is to take to your favorite social media channel and post a plate selfie.  Post yourself holding an empty plate saying" Today, I made a difference!"  Post it, tag and help raise awareness for our neighbors struggling with hunger.

The Community Cupboard thanks you!  

Can you help us continue our mission with a tax deductible donation?  Help us fee those in need right here in our own community.  

A child right here, needs your help today!